ISSP provides information security solutions including anti-fraud systems and managed services for banks, financial institutions, fintech, insurtech, and regtech companies. Our team of engineers and analysts delivers services on design, integration, and maintenance of secure information networks, systems, and applications for banks and other financial institutions as well as for compliance with international standards and local regulations.

ISSP solutions for telecom and media businesses effectively help prevent attacks and intrusions, detect threats in networks and virtualized heterogeneous computing environments, and ensure continuity of digital telecom services.

ISSP offers highly effective solutions for cyber protection of R&D and production processes. With integrated information security and cyber risk management systems designed specifically for industrial processes we provide control of each production stage, protection of industrial information systems and controllers, and security of electronic documents.

We ensure cyber protection of energy production and distribution systems, authenticity and integrity of their configurations, and safe access to control panels. 

Healthcare organizations remain among the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks with many lacking even basic protection of their networks, systems, and data. ISSP solutions and services for healthcare industry help hospitals and different medical institutions beat ransomware attacks, protect against medical identity theft, secure IoT medical devices, safeguard electronic medical records and other mission and business critical data. 

ISSP solutions for government and educational institutions help protect them from cyber threats that lead to data theft and service disruptions. ISSP provides services for networks and vulnerabilities assessment and delivers tools and services that effectively combat cyber threats, protect data and operations, manage risks, and meet compliance mandates. 


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