During the time when employees work remotely, it is necessary to ensure the safety of work processes and data protection and at the same time provide employees with the opportunity to work in the most comfortable conditions, share information with colleagues, arrange meetings and carry out joint work on complex projects. ISSP offers comprehensive and effective secure remote work solutions and services.


Mobile Device Management

A set of MDM/EMM (Mobile Device Management/Enterprise Mobile Management) solutions provides effective management and protection of corporate mobile devices. They limit the ability to remotely access the corporate information systems for certain devices only, protecting against the threat of unauthorized access. To ensure mobile security, ISSP implements specialized tools for circuit protection and a system of device management and applications’ control.



• Simple inventory and continuous monitoring of all corporate mobile devices.

• Keeping up-to-date protection against threats and attacks.

• Centralized distribution of software and updates, remote configuration of security functions.

• The ability to delete corporate information from a lost device or when an employee gets fired.


Mobile Applications Containers

Containerization is a lightweight virtualization and isolation of resources at the operating system level, which allows to run the application and the needed minimum of system libraries in a fully standardized container. The container is not dependable on the host’s resources or architecture on which it runs. All the components necessary for the application deployment are packaged as a single image and can be reused. The application in the container runs in an isolated environment and does not use the memory, processor, or disk space of the host operating system. This ensures that processes inside the container are isolated.


Container applications create secure areas on mobile devices to host sensitive corporate information. Users receive an isolated workspace with applications for corporate data manipulating provided by IT departments. Containerization software can be part of a mobile OS that allows users to switch between personal and business environments and isolate the data in each of them from each other. Other containerization tools run applications on top of the mobile OS, creating an isolated encrypted environment for a single application running.


Secure Calls and Messaging

ISSP offers the latest and most effective solutions for secure text messaging, making calls and video conferences, as well as data storage and transmission. With the help of ISSP solution, companies can organize effective remote work of employees in compliance with all security requirements and excluding the possibility of unauthorized access to the infrastructure and data of the organization. At the same time, employees will be able to continue collaborative work on current projects and, using the highest encrypted connection level, hold discussions and share text messages, photo and video materials.



SSL VPN technology is used to provide secure connection of remote users and allows the usage of any authentication system that is already used in a company and allowing for flexible segregation of access to its resources. This is a convenient and flexible solution for providing secure and controlled remote access for customers and partners to the organization’s information resources, which allows to establish full remote users access control. Access to various applications can be based on authentication methods, access control on the basis of addressing remote users and based on remote users’ access level.


The SSL VPN technology advantages:

• Simple administration and user support.

• Providing of secure access to critical information from untrusted nodes.

• Accessible from any mobile device and any computer with Internet connection without specific software pre-installation or configuration.



Secured Authentication

One of the key steps necessary to ensure data security is strengthening of accounts security with two-factor authentication in addition to the standard password. This is of great importance when dealing with remotely working employees. First, two-factor authentication must be provided for the accounts with administrator rights and those who have access to confidential information. This is a powerful step in preventing data theft and potential financial losses. ISSP offers the services of selection and integration of the most appropriate technologies considering the customer’s needs and specifics of his operating environment.


Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is used to protect, control and monitor access to critical information and resources of any organization. PAM features include shared access password management, privileged session management, vendor privileged access management and application access management.


The PAM key features:

• Manage passwords for shared and privileged accounts.

• Analysis and filtering of input commands and actions.

• Audit of privileged user actions.

• Access control for privileged accounts, upon request, with limited access time.

• Isolation of target servers and resources.

Audit and consulting of remote access technologies

ISSP experts audit the company's existing remote access software, prepare the infrastructure for employees to work remotely, and provide technical support for remote access technologies.

Our specialists also help develop a strategy for all the processes related to the remote working mode, taking into account the company industry, the number of mobile employees, the nature of the data with which they will work (including mobile devices), data delivery method, corporate and personal information separation.


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